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Bridgemate and EBU Score

We use the above set up and for one player when we put the EBU number in the bridgemate their name does not appear on the bridgemate but it does in EBU Score at the end, it’s only this one player. Can anyone advise how to solve please.


  • Hi David

    I am not sure but I think it depends on how EBUScore and Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) link to the "BMPlayerDB.mdb" file. I assume the person who does not get named on the Bridgemates is fairly new to the club. I suspect that BCS is looking at a different file. Go to BCS <> Tools <> Options and then look in the "File Locations" Tab and note where the "BMPlayerDB.mdb" file is pointed. Now open EBUScore go into the last event click on "Bridgemate Scoring" and then click on the "Admin" tab and see if "BMPlayerDB.mdb" is in the same location (it is under "National Database Look Up File". I would suggest changing the location in BCS to the same as EBUScore. To do that go back to the "File Locations" tab in BCS and under "BMPlayerDB.mdb database file" click on the the button to the left of "Other Folder" and then click on "Select Folder". Remember that you will only be able to go to "folder" level not file level. So if EBUScore points to C:\EBUScore\BMPlayerDB.mdb then you need only select C:\EBUScore in the dialog box.
    Hope this helps. Sorry if this is incorrect

  • Have a look in your Bridgemate settings in EBU Score and see what the Name Source is set to.

  • Bridgemates always seem to get confused by a single player using their EBU number.
    I go to Bridgemate Scoring and use Write Names. Sometimes I have to do it several times


  • Thanks for Feedback, I’ll try again tonight and see if the suggestion help.

  • Hi David, Gordon and Jonathan
    If the file is the same on EBUScore and BCS then I think it has something to do with the EBU database. We have one member that also does not appear on the Bridgemates like your player. They have played 4 times at our club over the last 3 months, today was the latest that they came. We originally set up an EBU number and had no problems in submitting the results to the EBU with the correct name and EBU number showing on the submitted list of players. I have been into the EBUScore Player database and downloaded the National Player list. However, when I click on their name and then click on "Set EBU details" I am told that "the surname XXXXX cannot be found on the EBU database". I know the surname spelling is correct and that the surname used does not throw up a problem when we upload the results to the EBU. I can even click on their name and get all the same details (name and EBU number) just incase we need to change it. So it makes me think that there might be a problem in downloading the National Database to EBUScore to be stored in "BMPlayerDB.mdb" file.

  • Hi David,

    If it is just one player I would suspect that either the player is not currently an EBU member or has chosen to be anonymous. If you can email me (ebuscore@ebu.co.uk) with the details of the player then I will check.

    When you click “Download EBU Database” in EBUScore this only downloads information about current members.


  • Is it possible please to be guided as to how frequently we should download the EBU Database?(BMPlayer.mdb) We're a club where most players are both members of the EBU (and our club) and have been playing many years. Just occasionally we'll get someone new to the game, so I thought for us once a month might be sensible. We play twice a week, so every session would seem overkill.
    Most grateful for guidance/advice! 👍

  • I agree that once a month would seem fine. Jonathan

  • When you click on Player Database in EBU Score there is a message telling you if you don't have the latest EBU Membership Database.

  • Thank you Triffid. 👍
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