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EBU SERVICES 10 : Representing English bridge players in BGB/EBL/WBF and in the development of t

This thread is for any thoughts on what this service comprises, what qualitative aspects of it are important, of how important this is across the whole spectrum of services. See the last item on the MISSION thread for context.


  • I think we are missing the full heading of this particular service, however, representing England in considerations at the international level is important.
    I would suggest that a mandate be looked for, in advance of meeting (perhaps an online survey/feedback on a particular suggested law change)?

  • The Laws have grown over the year to encompass all of
    (a) How to rectify an accidental irregularity (eg a lost card)
    (b) How to minimise the chance of an accident (eg placing the board on the table)
    (c) How to resolve arguments (eg what constitutes a played card).
    We don’t need these all to be enforced as Laws – many belong in regulations where more flexibility is allowed. We need a more player-friendly set of Laws.

    In reality there are only about a dozen Laws which really matter. These are things like you must follow suit if you can, and you cannot redouble unless your side is already in a doubled contract. Including all the extras means that
    (a) The Laws are intimidating and the sight of them puts people off the game.
    (b) Bridge clubs offering social duplicate are required to follow inappropriately strict rules.
    (c) The atmosphere is generated in which Bridge Lawyers can thrive. All of these work to the detriment of the popularity of the game. The answer has to be to minimise the Laws and leave as much as possible to the Regulations and give the organising authority the right to use Regulations appropriate for enjoyment of their players. Should we be fighting for this?

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