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EBU SERVICES 8 : Advice and support to affiliated bridge clubs on club management.

This thread is for any thoughts on what this service comprises, what qualitative aspects of it are important, of how important this is across the whole spectrum of services. See the last item on the MISSION thread for context.


  • Advice on insurance (perhaps offer of discounts from a particular supplier that you negotiate with).
    Guides for submitting results / running BBO sessions and the like.
    Risk assessments
    Discounted bridge equipment - tables, cards, dealing machines - for the current situation, perhaps perspex screens between players etc
    Director training
    Teacher training / supporting documentation etc

  • Not forgetting all the advice we have used from time to time on subjects ranging from data protection to safeguarding and from charitable status to marketing - there is a lot to running abridge club.

  • One possibility currently missing is training people for committee roles such as club or county treasurer? Do such services matter?

    In practice clubs tend to refer issues they have directly to the EBU rather than to or via their County Association; should the CBAs be more active in supporting clubs?

  • Can this thread include new services to be considered?
    For example, clubs are now collecting payments from members for online sessions and when face to face bridge returns, may still want this to continue.
    Could the EBU consider how it can help clubs with a service which allows this to be done efficiently?
    I suspect many clubs are using some form of spreadsheet for accounting and reconciliation. But there must be online payment services which would be suitable but too expensive for individual clubs to adopt. By clubs grouping together, under the EBU umbrella, it may be possible to establish a suitable payment system which would benefit many clubs.

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