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EBU SERVICES 7 : Disciplinary processes and dispute resolution.

This thread is for any thoughts on what this service comprises, what qualitative aspects of it are important, of how important this is across the whole spectrum of services. See the last item on the MISSION thread for context.


  • I have not really had any direct experience of this in the world of bridge, however, I would endorse a process similar to those I have used in business.
    Most disputes/disciplinaries are resolved at a local level (TD in a club, congress TD/head TD in bigger events)... Where it is not possible to resolve or there is an appeal, then an independent person gathers the facts/statements. A 3rd independent person (or panel of people) then read through the evidence and can summon people for a disciplinary hearing.
    The outcome of that hearing can be appealed to a final panel of people for a final decision.

    frivolous appeals can be a cause for a separate appeal and deposits likely (refundable only on successful appeal - high enough to be meaningful, but not high enough to disadvantage those with less money - perhaps £50?)

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    It is important that to be effective, the processes here are known about, respected and timely.

    Is this breakdown giving too much prominence to some items – we could combine 5/6/7 into “Regulating Competitive Bridge”?

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