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XIMP and Butler IMP Scoring

I have written a Windows App to Manage Duplicate Scoring for Small Bridge Clubs. It handles MP Scoring, including catering for Artificial Scores, Weighted Scores, Weighted & Split Scores and Fouled Boards.

I now wish to add XIMPed and Butler IMP Scoring methods to this program, but don't know where to find the definitive definition of how to score using the above 2 methods. Can someone please point me at the relevant document or documents ?


  • I would not put much/any effort into Butler Scoring unless your market demands it.

    There is something about XIMP in the White Book. The principle is straightforward: imp each score against other score add up all the individual and divide by something. There are a number of options about what to divide by: 1, number-of-comparisons (c), number-of-results (r=c+1), sqrt(2rc). The last is used for conversion to VP.

    The neuberg formula when there are diffirent numbers of comparison depend on what you are dividing by.

    We think EBUScore gets all this right, so You can use that to test the calculations by your app.

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