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Unintended Call on BBO

I misclicked on Dbl today instead of Pass and spotted it immediately, before my partner had called. At the club I would stop play and call the Director. Advice on what to do (next time) appreciated. I know there is sometimes an Undo button on BBO, is it available in the EBU tournaments and if not does calling the Director pause the auction or should I put "Stop" in the chat as well.


  • Hi Stan. Just read on another post that there is no UNDO allowed in the EBU daily tournaments. In the Lockdown League and Online Knockout they are allowed only for genuine bidding misclicks as per Law 25 A.
    Where UNDOs are allowed you find where to request them by clicking on the three horizontal bars for a menu.
    Rather than stop I suggest 'UNDO PLEASE'
    Also you can go into Account, then Settings and switch 'confirm bid' and 'confirm card' on to reduce the chance of misclicks in first place.

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • Thanks Peter, the Double and Pass button are very close together which is why I had the problem. I have found that I can set "confirm bids" in settings, this works well for me as the OK button is on the other side of the screen so it is difficult to misclick it.

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