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Names on bridgemates but not showing on EBU Score

Ran a pairs event this evening. All looked fine. Players entered EBU numbers into the Bridgemates, and the players' names were showing on the Bridgemates for the whole eveniing.

However, when I went to look at the results, there were only the pair numbers, no names. Clicked on the Players Names tab, and there is no information.

Any ideas how I can recover the names. I know how to recover the whole event (using the resend function on the Bridgemates).



  • I meant to add that it was just like any other evening, except the movement. We used M65 Hesitation Bowman 9 tables, 8 rounds of three. This is the first time we have used this movement, so may be relevenat.

  • Is this in EBUScore? Check the Players Database is linked to something. In the Bridgemate Scoring page, click on Read Names. Go into the Player Names page, if it is showing numbers rather than names, simply going into the page and clicking OK may convert them to names.

  • Gordon. Thanks for taking th etime to answer mu question. Yes, we were using EBU Score. I assume that the Players databse must be linked to something, because we have not had this problem before. As it happens, between my self and another player, we were able to recall all players and pair numbers. I will bear in mind next time I see this problem.


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