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EBUScore Table Cards for Skip Mitchells

I have been creating some new movements which are basically two separate Mitchell movements concatenated.
With 9+9 tables it works beautifully and the table cards even pick up and display clearly the instructions: EW go to 2 EW etc.

But with odd and even splits such as 9+8 it doesn't do this, presumably because of the skip round. It doesn't even do it for the 9 table section, which doesn't have a skip.

My suggestion is: Could EBUScore be modified to show instructions like.
EW go to 2 EW (except for skip round)
Or similar wording?



  • Not sure you can do a 9+8 concatenated Mitchell. If you want 9 rounds does it not have to be a 9 table Mitchell concatenated with an 8-table Hesitation Mitchell in which case there is no skip round?

  • Yes I know. I have already done one a few double Mitchells.
    They are for 21 or 22 boards.
    Mostly OK but 21 tables was difficult.


  • For 17 tables (e.g.), have you considered merging two 8½ table Mitchells? (with the sitting out pairs meeting in the middle). This might be slightly more convenient than 9T + 8T Hesitation Mitchell, if the intention is not to have two entirely separated fields.
    There are (at least) two possible variations:

    (1) EW 1 - 9 move in a circuit (up one every round, moving from table 9 to table 1). EW 10-17 move in a circuit, but from table 17 they move to 9 NS before continuing to 10 EW. NS are stationary at every table except table 9.
    (2) NS 1-8 are stationary; EW 10-17 are stationary. EW 1-9 move in a circuit; NS 9-17 move in a circuit.

    In both cases, board movement is straightforward, with one relay set between 17 & 1. & Pair movement is consistent (no skips) other than for arrowswitches if you require.
    Option 2 can be a 2-winner movement if you like. Option 1 is necessarily a 1-winner movement, & therefore should have arrowswitches.

    This might be a good alternative for 21 tables playing 22 boards (two 10½ table Mitchells merged).

  • I wasn't asking about the movements, thanks.
    I have several already worked out and working well in practice.
    I just wanted clear table cards for Skip Mitchells.


  • For 17 tables I like the merged mitchells - mainly because it can be a two-winner movement where EW are stationary at the high numbered tables. (Moving EW move round 1-9, moving NS move round 9-17.)

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