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I will be scoring a swiss teams game to be played over two sessions later this week. Doing it for the first time. I have some questions regarding name entry.

After the players have entered their player numbers in the bridgemates at the start of the first round, will the same names be automatically carried over to subsequent rounds or will the players be able to enter their numbers before each subsequent round, if they change their lineups.

Then, when I did test runs with BMTest, at the start of the second session I got a warning that player numbers can only be entered in the first session. Does this mean that lineups cannot be changed for the second session?

Grateful for advice.


  • The default behaviour is that the names will be copied to session two.

    It is possible to change line-ups in different rounds and different sessions. One approach is the teams tell the scorer what they have done (when they change line up) and the the scorer changes the line-ups in the Seating LineUps in the scoring program. The other approach is that the Bridgemate option to enter names each round is enabled, players enter names when they change lineups, and hopefully the scoring program will get it right - but sometimes they scorer has to correct things, if the team appears to have the same player named twice.

  • In my experience, it is much better to ask players just to advise the TD/scorer of any line-up changes, especially if you expect it to be a relatively uncommon occurrence.
    The facility to allow players to record their own line-up changes on the Bridgemates can be useful, but is very error-prone.

  • Thanks for the helpful responses.

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