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18 Table Web Mitchell

I am preparing for an event with 18 Tables and have downloaded a fresh copy of EBUScore.
Is there any reason why it doesn't have a nine-round Web Mitchell for 18 Tables?
I have generated what seems to be a workable version.

Nine-round versions exist for 14 and 16 but for 18 it only has 2-board versions.




  • I expect the reason is because you might as well run two sections of nine tables each. But an 18 table 9 round one will work, although it means the players meet only a small number of opponents, as opposed to having 13 rounds.

    I doubt the program includes as standard any movements where the number of tables is twice the number of rounds or more.

  • That was my other thought but, as discussed in another thread, it is more complicated with A and B Bridgemates. I have created a double movement, which I need to get on to the laptop I will be using.


  • You could equally well join two 9-table Mitchells together to make a single 18-table movement, if you find that easier.

  • I have done that but I will be using a separate laptop that doesn't have the new movement on it.
    It's an occasional event where we take tables, boards, Bridgemates and a training laptop to a local restaurant for Bridge and lunch.
    I'm just being over prepared, keeping my options open.


  • Steve Foster has a web Mitchell generator on his website, including a starting offset for two sessions.

  • @16248 said:
    Is there any reason why it doesn't have a nine-round Web Mitchell for 18 Tables?

    The same reason that it doesn't have a 13-round Web Mitchell for 26 tables?

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