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ScoreBridge and Bridgemates

We've found a problem with the current ScoreBridge and Bridgemates for team events. After entering player numbers on the Bridgemate at the start of round 1, the wrong names are occasionally displayed on the Bridgemates and the names in ScoreBridge get corrupted (the NS names are lost and EW names put as both NS and EW) from the start of round 2.

The scores and team numbers are always correct, but we've had to remember who sat NS and change them manually.

I've seen reports of similar problems in Dundee and Edinburgh.

ScoreBridge has said that they implemented a change at the request of Bridgemate in the last release and this is probably the cause. I hope they are investigating and will release patches soon.

It may be safer to use EBUScore for team events until then, unless they've also made a similar change.


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