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Sharing movements under EBUScorePairs and EBUScoreTeams

I notice the mention of creating movements in some of the discussions taking place, and I have myself created dozens of custom and "standard" movements over the years. (They are now scattered amongst various UserMovements.txt files on different computers) Would it be worthwhile organising some way the whole community could share new movements - but not just dumping them all into the PSMovements.txt, as when you do that the list of alternatives shown when selecting a movement becomes confusing and way too much for any novice director to look at.


  • I wonder if it might be a practical solution to have a Google Sheets page that is accessible to everyone, so they could just copy off the ones they want? It could have one page/sheet for each number of tables. Best would be for access to upload or change to be limited, but read-only access to be free to all.

  • I dont know whether i would help but, when you install the program, a file (PSClubMovements.txt or TSClubMovements.txt) of 'recommended' club movements is automatically downloaded. This is a much more user friendly list suitable for standard club duplicates with only one or two movements for each number of tables. From that, you can either point to it as the UserMovements file via Administration screen or use the Movements Library > Set Supplied User Movements button to copy that limited set into the the usermovements file.

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