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Possible bug - EBU Score Pairs 1.2.6

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Event is scored successfully in EBUScore with Bridgemates and uploaded to Bridgewebs website. Later a problem with a player name is spotted so the CSV file is downloaded and imported into EBUScore on a different PC. Open the event and go to "Player Names" tab, all name slots are blank and green ie missing pairs but if I g to Properties all the names are there.

I can't see a way of getting the names into the "Player Names" tab so that I can change one.

PS I get the same effect if I import the .CSV file from the local EBUScore\Bridgewebs folder so I don't think anything on Bridgewebs is affecting this.


  • I have not yet checked, but the cause is almost certainly that the csv file doesnt have any movement information. and the Names list needs that information for number of tables, missing pairs etc In general, reverse engineering from bridgewebs is not a good idea because there is lots of information missing in the file. Most of the other functionality will be ok because it doesnt require move information, though Reports > Movement will probably show blanks.

  • Thanks Jeffrey. Downloading from Bridgewebs works perfectly with Scorebridge and given, that there is an option to Import an event from a Bridgewebs .csv, I had just assumed that it would work with EBUScore as well .

    We store events.dat and members.dat on onedrive so I can download from there when I need to make corrections.

  • I have just realised that the problem is that you have got 'Start Table' ticked. Because there is no movement information in the csv file, it's impossible to know the start table positions! If you untick that box, the names should appear.
    Scorebridge/Bridgewebs designed the csv file together. If you look at EBUScore csv files, you will seee lots of comments at the start for number of tables,. missing pairs etc etc which were missing and needed to reverse engineer the file back into the program. It may be that Jonathan can add the movement table to the csv file in comments, which would then give it the ability to display in Start Order. There are a few other parameters which could usefully be added to the csv file if there were any other similar problems. This problem also exists if you reverse engineer from the XML file - again there is currently no movement information in there.

  • Thanks Jeffrey, spot on. Unticking "Start Table Order" brings up the names. It looks like the "Start Table Order" is ticked by default.

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