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NGS on EBU Web. New players.

Where has all the background information gone?
The NGS link just gives me the player list.

I want to find out how it works. In particular how does it cope with a field of new players? I keep submitting results and get null responses but I am gradually getting more of them to register with the EBU. What are the minimum numbers and how will it cope when almost all of them have not played before under NGS?



  • See the Help menu at the top of the page.

    You need two-thirds of the field to be registered or it won't be able to grade it, so it's worth registering the players as soon as possible if you have any reason to believe they'll return.

    Having lots of new people won't affect anything - they'll all be given the starting grade when determining the strength of field.

  • OK thanks.
    I presume you mean two thirds of the pairs.
    I can see now why I never register for grading when the only non EBU player is my partner.

    I'm working on them and may get to 2/3 soon.


  • Can someone remind me of the number of boards needed for Emerging and Mature grades please?

    I have also met again the restriction on playing with a new player. My grade did not change. Does this apply until they get to an Emerging grade?


  • Mature = 1000+
    Evolving = 150-999

    And yes - a Mature grade playing with someone who is not yet Evolving will not impact their grade.

  • @michael said:
    And yes - a Mature grade playing with someone who is not yet Evolving will not impact their grade.

    Which appears as a 'stop' sign in the NGS column of the Mature players sessions on My EBU.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I manage a sort of introductory session for new players and we only play 18 boards. It looks as if they will have to wait a couple of months for their new grades.


  • It hasn't been as easy as I hoped.
    I've been trying to persuade them to join the EBU but the only way is via our Club Membership, which they have to pay for.

    I'm up to about 60% but the remainder are still training with us. We give them Trainee Membership, which is free and lets them play - but doesn't give EBU Membership.

    I understand that those being taught by EBU registered trainers can have some sort of of free EBU Membership for a year.

    How does that work please?


  • @16248 said:

    join the EBU but the only way is via our Club Membership, which they have to pay for.

    Alan .. can't you persuade the Club to give full membership free for the first year to recent trainees?
    The committee might be persuaded to see it as a 'loss leader' to encoursge long-term growth

    (I'm 80% sure you've already tried that but just in case)

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • It doesn't cost the club to register the players as EBU members. I appreciate that you may not be in control of the club's membership, but the club can choose to confer EBU membership on "Trainee Members" without it costing them anything.
    Even if the club doesn't wish to do this, the players could be registered as "potential members" (I can't remember if this is the correct terminology), so that EBU numbers will be assigned to them. If you identify them with these numbers when submitting results, then you can ensure that your sessions are NGS-rated.
    (The NGS requires that 2/3 of the partnerships are identified, not that they are current "paid up" members.)

  • You're right. I have been trying to persuade the Club to do this!
    I will pass on the information here as further ammunition in my battle.


  • Mitch, I haven't been able to find the prospective member button for a while, I thought it might have been removed as part of GDPR. If it is still available i would appreciate details.

    What I have been doing is making new players without EBU numbers members of the club on My EBU but at the same time telling them that this is separate from and does not commit them to "proper" membership of the club. I revoke their club membership on MyEBU after a month or so if they do not take up "proper"club membership. This approach is a bit cumbersome but gets them an EBU number for scoring on Bridgemates and allows me to enter their address and email so that they can login to MyEBU and so that the EBU can contact them.

  • To create a potential member you do the same as creating a club member but you untick the box that says "this player is a member of your club". See the screenshot in 3.1 of the wiki page.

    They don't appear in your membership list, obviously, but if you need to find them later you can use the Created Contacts report.

  • Thanks Mitch I will give that way another try, I seem to remember that I didn't get the chance to add players contact details but it was probably finger trouble on my part.

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