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Discounts for Congresses


I've been tasked by my county organisation with making recommendations as to whether we should have various price discounts at our congress.

What I'm interested in is what you've come across.

What discounts have you seen? Do you think they worked?



p.s. I've also posted this in the County to County Discussion Group, but since there are only 3 discussions in the last 3 years, I'm not hopeful of a huge response.


  • Well, for reference the upcoming Yorkshire Congress is 50% discount for juniors, I'm not sure how they're defining that. I'm not sure this is really working in terms of attracting juniors, it doesn't address the core problem that there aren't so many juniors. Much of the expense of congresses are tied up in travel and accomodation, I think probably getting a good deal on those is important. The recent Harrogate Spring Congress did well for relatively young players, not so well for genuine juniors.

    I think anything that makes congresses more attractive to newer players is useful, a first time discount might work well but I'd hate to administer one!

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