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call accepted or mechanical error

West opens 2spades weak ......North o/c's 3 diamonds, East passes, South bids 3 spades which is alerted!?! East passes and North then passes !?! East with 4 Diamonds accepts the pass but asks the meaning of the 3 spade bid (from the South seat) next action North says Oh I shouldn't have passed the 3 spades bid !?1 Clearly lack of concentration!?! But has North made a mechanical error which South purports to have done ......... East ...... although not bidding has accepted the pass, by inference of asking the 3 spade meaning! 3Td's at the table couldn't agree and no other TD in the room to arbitrate.


  • I'm confused.

    So East passes after South bids 3S? A pass out of turn?

    Is that what you meant?

  • you are correct west ....not east passes after south's 3 spade call ....sorry

  • re-submit ......
    West opens 2spades ....weak ....
    North over calls 3 Diamonds
    East (with 4 diamonds) passes
    South bids 3Spades ...... which is alerted by North
    West passes
    North passes
    East accepts the pass and asks the meaning of the 3spades call from South
    North then states oh I shouldn't have passed!?!
    Lack of concentration or mechcanical error?

  • Clearly a lack of concentration.

    "I shouldn't have...", "Ooops" are usually signs of lack of concentration, often not noticing another call.

    Moroever, the pass card is a long way from any bid North might reaonably make (3NT, 4D...)

    Mechancial error is when you intended to pull out 3NT, but because you fumbled you pulled out 2NT (or 4NT, or 3S...) instead.

    If you had decided to bid 3NT but pulled out the pass card because you got distracted, or West takes a while to bid, then that's not mechanical error.

    The fact that you have decided on your bid is not sufficient to claim Mechancial error.

    Personally I think it's one of the things that makes bridge so unfriendly, but that's the law.

  • Thanks ....... and your last comment is so very very pertinent, but at least it doesn't result in a custodial sentence!!!

  • edited May 14

    It seems clear that North intended to Pass when they passed - this was due to a loss of concentration (confused as to what contract they would be in) and not a mechanical error - so Law 25A does not apply.

    I am confused by

    East accepts the pass and asks the meaning of the 3spades call from South

    How does East "accept" a legal call by the opponents? Other than by passing/bidding. If East has called over North's Pass, it is not East's turn to ask questions.

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