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Just reading the Blue Book

As you do. I noticed something.

3C allows variations in matters of style, specifically on opening preempts, which I'd always assumed to include weak two bids. So the specifics of the weak two can vary between players, and you should disclose that. But the section 4A2 on announcements quite specifically says announcements have to be the same within a partnership, which would seem to be a contradiction (actually if you really want to split hairs there might be wiggle room here, 4A2 refers to when players make the same bid)?

It's not likely to cause problems, intuitively we want players in the first instance to disclose their agreements, I'd give that priority. It does affect me a bit since I've always opened more weak twos than most of my partners (and considerably less than one of them).


  • Announcements aren't intended to be a full explanation. The specifics of a two bid may vary with the style of the player, but the announcement of "weak" or "weak or intermediate" is expected to be the same for the pair.

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