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I've written a couple of articles that I'd like to put out to the bridge world for feedback and discussion. One is on doing away with alerts, and the other on changes to the law under online play conditions.

Can anyone suggest somewhere I can put them? I want to keep it UK based so not Bridgewinners or anything like that. The EBU doesn't seem to have any channel for this.



  • If only the EBU had a Forum.

  • @gordonrainsford said:
    If only the EBU had a Forum.

    Ho ho and, er, ho.

    It does have forums of course, but none seem suitable. Whilst I'm interested in what directors have to say, that's not whom I primarily want feedback from. I want it from players - how do they feel about what I'm proposing?

    None of the forums are aimed at players.

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