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Entering names into bridgemates on

When playing teams I have entered names whilst at my home table or alternatively when the first move has been made. What decides this? Is there a particular bridgemates setting for this? Thank you


  • IF using EBUScore Teams, go to BCS options - Bridgemate II. Under Optional Entry there is a tick box for name entry at Home Table. System defaults to name entry after move. You cannot use Names at Home table for some irregular first round moves

  • Thank you very much for your help

  • To Clarify then:
    The scorer (or director) should move E/W for the first round, then instruct players to enter names (EBU or club numbers) unless this option is set?

    N.B. On my version of EBUScore Teams (1.2.11). I see "Optional Entry" under the Bridgemate tab (not the Bridgemate II tab).

  • Correct, and sorry, it is on the Bridgemates Tab. Move first then enter names is the default setting. I always ask them to move before activating the Bridgemates, then tell then to enter player numbers as they are seated at the table.

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