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Law 93C. Further Possibilities of Appeal

@RogerPratt said:
If the players damaged in this or other equivalent situations appeal to the apparent relevant authority at the Club, ... , can those players appeal to the EBU Laws and Ethics Committee for an alternative ruling?

Rulings are the responsibility of the Tournament Director.

Appeals are the responsibility of the Tournament Organiser - Law 80B2(k). The club is the Tournament Organiser.

Further appeal (after a ruling and an appeal) are the resposibility of the Regulating Authority - Law 93C1. The club is the Regulating Authority (WB 8.80.1)

Law 93 C
1 Regulating Authorities may establish procedures for further appeals after the foregoing procedures have been exhausted.

The club (as Regulating Authority) can allow a further appeal as 'an appeal to the National Authority' (WB 1.7.2), or to another committee, or by some other review process (Law 93C3(b)); or the club may choose to have no process for further appeal.

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