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Simplified Alerts and Announcing

Hello All,
I’m familiar with the majority of Alerts and Announcing (A&A) requirements, and have a copy of the Alerts and Announcing Summary Table effective 7th Aug 2023 pinned up at the Club.
We are currently giving the second season of Bridge lessons to around 32 new recruits to bridge. In addition we have a some sessions of improvers hoping to migrate to the main section.
I’ve been asked if I can give a simplified talk on the (A&A) rules.
I have been trying to compile a précis of the overall (A&A) document, without getting too complicated; which would be sufficient to cover relatively Simple Systems, including Short Clubs, Transfers, Overcall and Doubles (I’m happy to announce fuller details are on the Notice Board).
I’m wondering if there is anyone who may have already done this for their Club members, to save me compiling it.
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards Steve


  • That sounds like a great idea. I've just posted some comments on the alerting/announcing situation under another thread.

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    As mentioned in my opening post, I have been compiling a Simplified Alerts and Announcements (A&A) document for discussion and distribution, aimed for relatively inexperienced players in our Club, who we are hoping to gradually migrate into the main Bridge sections. (We have a copy of the full EBU A&A table on our Club Notice board)
    I will put a copy of the Simplified A&A summary below this post. I’d appreciate any feedback and in particular, to point out any errors I may have made.
    Once I have updated the document following any comments, I’ll be happy for anyone to use this for the same purposes in your Club.
    Kind regards Steve
  • It looks good to me, but you have 2C/2D repeated.

  • Well spotted Gordon thank you. That’s often the problem when you check your own work.
    Kind regards Steve
  • Thank you Steve, that should be very useful. Will you be posting an image of the updated document? If not is it ok if I print the image and put a line though the second 2C/2D? On the other hand since these bids are currently announced by the majority of players maybe better to leave the second 2C/2D highlighted with fluorescent yellow/green/blue.

  • Hi Roger,
    Just about to repost the updated image.
    Anyone is welcome to it. Happy to forward the master word or pdf documents too.
  • Updated image.
    Would Robin possibly remove the older image to avoid confusion. Many thanks. Steve
  • @SteveMap said:
    Would Robin possibly remove the older image to avoid confusion. Many thanks. Steve

    Did that work?

  • Great, thank you Robin.
    Regards Steve
  • Would it be possible to provide the file in a PDF or Word format - as Bridgewebs does not accept jpeg files .

    I have had a few players ask about alerts and announcements and it would he helpful to publish on the club web site if that is acceptable

    The club web site also has the direct link to the EBU information on alerts etc.

  • Happy for anyone to post it on their website.
    Kind regards Steve
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