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In an Auction 1S - P - 2H , most Acol players would expect the 2H bid to mean 5 or more. Is it legal to have a partnership
understanding that it might only be 4, and would there be a need to Alert? If there was an understanding of 5+, but occasionally it was bid on 4, when does 4 become the partnership understanding?
Many thanks. RG


  • It is legal to agree 4 - what do you bid with various balanced hands which can't raise 1M opening? - and 4 cards is not alertable.

    Any agreement is legal for responses (at EBU Level 4).

    Responding 2C on 3=4=3=3 is natural, and the Blue Book used to mention this agreement did not require an alert.

  • What about "Tell them what you play"?

    If the majority of the field will play it as showing 5, then a 4 card suit is unexcpected.

    I can play weak 2s as 5+ cards and 3-6 HCP, but at my club I would expect to make my opponents aware of this.

  • 2S as 5+ cards and 3-6 HCP is announced as "weak". This announcement can be extended.

    EBU Blue Book announcements are intended to be a extended form of alerts not a complete explanation. Like alerts, announcements are intended to suggest that opponents ask about the call, to get all the detail.

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