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Wrong PBN file imported into BCS

I have been showing/training people to use EBUScore with Bridgemates. That means you have to have eyes everywhere. Recently a problem arose where the wrong PBN file was imported into the BCS (verify Declarer or card). I took the course of re-starting the whole thing whilst the players were on the first round. This required them to input the numbers again and load the board results for the round in one go.
I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and had tried other methods of "correcting" the situation that worked?
I thought of going into the BCS again and importing the correct file. Not sure if this causes the Bridgemates to have a "paddy" and give up?
I also thought of going into the Bridgemate Scoring on EBUScore (via Event Menu) then "Set BCS Options" unticking the box next to "validate lead card against hand record". However, I am not sure if this also makes the system have a "paddy" and give up.

Yes I can keep an eye on what goes on but some get clickitis and "ping" all done in an instant, particularly when using the mouse buttons.
Anyway, any thoughts seriously considered.


  • Why not try either of those solutions before restarting? I would expect that reimporting the file would overwrite the existing one.

  • Yes will do next time things go pear shaped but my thoughts were that the data file for the hands might be append rather than overwrite. Do you have to delete the Hand data base and if so where is it? So, if someone has done it, it is helpful to have their knowledge. Similarly if the BCS options are changed after the database has been formed does it require a new database by restart? or by update movement from round 1?
    As you know, anything out of the ordinary leads to a few "comments". As a playing director it can be come hectic once you find out that no one can agree the results for the first board. Calls for director start with one and then become an avalanche and thinking on your feet becomes self preservation as you realise that the finish time is approaching faster that you would wish!

  • Both the solutions will work. I have loaded in the wrong hands and replaced them with the right ones reckoning if it worked it was going to be quicker than starting again. Also changing the BCS setting in EBUScore general works although you will have to click 'OK' on a couple of messages.

  • Thank you very much Paul. Good to know. At the time it was panic stations and only after having a chance to mull it over I thought of the possibilities.

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