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Two events on different computers.

The scenario is that there are two events being held simultaneously - a normal club night and a County pairs qualifier.

Both events are to be scored on their own computer/ bridgemate server.

Assuming one event is Session 1: Section A: Channel 0: should the other event be

Session 2 or
Section B or
Channel 1 or

Some combination?


  • As you have 2 computers and 2 Bridgemate servers all that matters is that the two servers (and of course the associated Bridgemates) are on different chanels. Everything else is entirely for your convenience.

  • OK Thanks.

    I tried changing the Section - and that didn't work (The program won't download section B until Section A has been downloaded, so the Bridgemates didn't receive instructions): changing the session did - and have changed the channels before.

  • For each of the computers there is only one event, which should therefore be session 1 section A, and the two should be on different channels so they don't interfere with each other.

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