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Alertable / Suspicious bid?

East opened 2c in third position after 2 passes and partner bid 2D relay which my partner (North) doubled showing an interest in diamonds (usually lead directing but in principle also showing a decent diamond suit in our methods), East then bid 3C and West bid 3N, my partner asked about meaning and explained as no information! East then bid 4S and West bid 5C which made on a mis-defence.

Since West bid 3N without a diamond stop I considered it likely that she was asking for a stop but not explained as such when asked.

W: S985; HQ6543; D73; C632
N: SJ72; HKT8; DKQT52; C84
S: SQ64; HJ972; DA986; CJ5

After play I asked Director for an opinion about West's 3N bid, he said saw nothing wrong and had no problem with West's explanation of no information on the 3N bid.

Should it have been alerted or at least explained as asking for a stop when questioned?


  • Which bid do you think was asking for a diamond stop?

  • Did East really say "No information" or did he say "No agreement"? If East had not alerted the 3NT, I would take "No agreement" to mean no agreement that it should be anything other than to suggest playing in 3NT. If called, I would ask West why he bid 3NT and East why he pulled it. It is possible that we may find "No agreement" to not be applicable, in which case, we have had mis-information. But I might be hard pressed to rule that it was mis-information that damaged NS

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • It was west's 3N which looked like a request for a diamond stop but not explained as such when an explanation was requested, either way east pulled it, at the time i wondered if west was showing both majors and hence east 4s bid, or whether it was to play in which case wondered why east pulled it
  • How about North doesn't ask about 3NT, more chance of East passing, cash the first five diamond tricks.

  • Not impossible to block the Diamonds I suspect

  • As N, I would have stayed quiet.

    2D then 3NT look like first and second denials, with 5C returning to partner's suit. E is not likely to leave 3NT with singleton heart and a lead directing double for a diamond, especially with no stop in hand or any promise of one from partner.

    Whether or not the question was answered correctly, it's doubtful it had any impact on the hand.

    There's no need to alert 3NT.

    I would also have left things as they turned out.

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