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How do you score on bridgemates etc.

Hi, just getting an insight on how clubs/counties/national directors set up their Bridgemates to enter the result of a board.
For instance on Bridgemates there are three options.
1) + or - tricks made (in 3NT if contract goes down one trick then the result is entered as -1)
2) the number of tricks made (in 3NT if the contract goes down one the result is entered as 8)
3) Americam style ( I think this means If 3nt makes then the result is 9 or 10 if making 3NT + 1, but if it goes one down it is -1)
I am uncertain as to how other scoring system operate but would be interested to read about them.

In our club we use +,- or =. It seems that it is less likely to give away information to another table. Obviously that is assuming the contract isn't mentioned just before agreeing the result!! Of course it is just possible that no one considered changing the settings!!

Any thoughts appreciated.

Happy New Year to all those that start threads, add to the discussions or just read and chuckle.
Enjoy your bridge whether F2F or online.


  • I think your first option is the most common in the UK, but NY understanding of the US style is to put 3NT+3 when it makes 9 tricks.
  • Most clubs I have played in use your option 1). Recent congresses have used this too.
    “ 1) + or - tricks made or = (in 3NT if contract goes down one trick then the result is entered as -1)”
    As you say it also passes on less information when there’s a query of “Was it +1or +2”
    Happy New Year.
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