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Bridgemate issue

I would be grateful if anyone could let me know if they've experienced the following issue with Bridgemates, and if so what they did about it.
We were playing an 8 round 24 board Mitchell, and after 4 rounds the Bridgemate refused to accept the score that was entered for one board. It said Lead card or declarer not correct.
But the hand was played exactly as it should have been and all the cards were in their correct slots.
In order to keep the event moving, I suggested that the players entered Pass in the Bridgemate, and then I entered the correct score into Scorebridge at the end of the session. But this is obvously not an ideal solution.
Luckily it was only a small post Christmas field, but I could imagine it would cause confusion in a larger field with the director being called each time this board was played.
Any ideas?


  • Most likely is that they entered the wrong declarer in the Bridgemate.
  • No at every table the declarer was south. The declarer and lead card were correct, and there was no misboarding of the hands.

  • An error in making up the boards - or other mismatch between the hands and file uploaded to BCS?

  • I have to say that every time I have been told this, and there have been a few, there has turned out to be an input error despite the players’ protestations. Did you delele the Pass and try to re-enter the result at the end of the session ?
  • Yes and it still wouldn’t work. This only happened on the final 4 rounds. The previous 4 rounds the results went into the Bridgemates as normal.

  • I thought it was just one board at one table! It now sounds as though it may be connected to the movement and the skip move. Was it at more than one table ?
  • No there was no skip it was a 7 table hesitation Mitchell movement

  • Can you tell us exactly how many boards and tables were affected and which ones they were?
  • The board number was 5, and we were playing 3 board rounds. No other boards were affected.
    We played 4 rounds with no problems, then the 5th time board 5 was played the score could not be entered on the Bridgemates.
    This continued in round 6. In round 7 this board sat on the relay table, then in round 8 it happened again.

  • It's got me stumped, given that the assurances in your second post mean the board was not rotated by 180 degrees, which is the only thing that makes sense to me. Anyone else got any ideas?
  • Could we see the club results on Bridgewebs or other. Is it possible the board loaded into Bcs is slightly different from the actual cards or the hand was misboarded slightly. The first four rounds choosing a lead which matched and the rest choosing a lead which was not in the hand.

  • There would appear to be a problem with the cards. Tables 2, 1, 7 and 6 seem to have a declarer matching the lead card (first 4 rounds). Table 5 South can't be in 2NT and get a 10 Diamond lead. Table 4 North can't be in 2 Spades and get a lead of King Diamonds. Table 3 is, however correct with North in 1NT and getting the 8 Diamonds lead. So either of the E/W hands may have been changed/swopped or the N/S hands have been swopped. I would add that this is without checking how the contracts were reached.
    So I agree with Gordon in that I don't think this is a bridgemate problem.

  • Thank you all very much.

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    After Round 4 the board has been rotated through 180 degrees, hence for table 5, Round 5, table 4, round 6, and table 3, round 8, the hands in BCS did not match the actual hands. The boards sat out for round 7.
    So, for example, 4 v 14, 2S by N. Whilst the table lead of DK is correct, the BCS software does not accept that lead.

    Still puzzled why in Round 8, 11 v 3, your results show NT played by N, unless this was just an input error in Scorebridge after the event.

  • This was a hesitation Mitchell with 2 arrow switches

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    Yes I understand. Round 8 was arrow-switched, hence pair 11 sat N/S. Either the board was corrected to accept correct lead, or, Inputting score into Scorebridge after event, Declarer should have been South. (assuming E/W hands still switched).

  • Of course the other aspect of this is that the board should be Neuberg scored as two sub fields.
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