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I'm running a teams of four session. I would like to play 36 boards so that every match attracts Master Points. Players find 36 is "enough" and I don't feel I could go up to, say, 40.

This works perfectly with 10 teams - all-play-all with 9 four-board rounds - but I have only nine teams registered for the event. I will try to get another team, but if I fail will I just have to settle for 8 four-board rounds and no Master Points?

Six 6-board matches feels far too unbalanced. Playing four 4-board matches and four 5-board matches is initially appealing, but on consideration doesn't work as the 4-board players will just have to wait for the end of the 5-board matches.

Or does someone have a solution?


  • You can play 8 x 5 as american whist with 45 boards in play, you can arrange this so that 4 matches are complete at half time, so teams can score up, but the board remain live. You can also play the '4N+1' movement with 5 board rounds - each session requires two sets of boards 1-20 + one set 21-25. (Then 26-45 + one set 46-50, for session 2). This allows scoring up and no security issues between sessions.

    To play 36 boards, you can play the 4N+1 movement with 4 board rounds in the second session. Or you can play the american whist with score break, and take away one board from each set of 5 in the second half.

  • Thank you. Your final option looks attractive. Is there a code for EBUScore Teams for this movement?

  • edited November 2023

    The last option is M135 'Scorebreak, Tables in Single line, User specified start move'
    Selecting this movement gives options for 'EW Move from Home Table;
    Inital: Up 4, 4 rounds
    Later: Up 3, 4 rounds.

    The double move (EW down 4, boards down 2) occurs after 2 rounds.

    For the second half, the practical solution is to physically remove all boards which are a multiple of 5 (so no table can play them by accident) and instruct the players to enter those boards as 'Not Played' (and turn off the option that Not Played requires TD confirmation.)

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