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Stratifying results for Handicapping

I could do with a little help or advice please.
We currently give Free game tickets to the winners of our Club events.
I would like to consider also giving a Free game ticket to some of the less experienced players who do relatively well in an event.
I assumed this could be done by stratifying the event, so it gives results for players who are (for example) below the EBU rank of Master.
We use ScoreBridge and I’ve tried processing the results as Stratified.
Apart from displaying the Normal %age results ranking, it also shows fields for Stratified Results Level A, B and C, but there are no names listed in any of these sections. (It also seems to remove MP awards from the main listing)
I wonder if anyone in the forum can advise how to display the Stratified Results names please.
Kind regards Steve
P.S. is it possible to stratify using NGS


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