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Changing movement in EBUscore

You start a session with 11 1/2 tables choosing a 12 table Mitchell Share and Relay 24 boards movement.
In the first round you lose a pair. and look to change the movement from the 2nd round onwards.
How can this work? You now need an 11 table movement, still playing no more than 24 boards in total.
1. Would EBUscore ask to rename all the pairs again? otherwise how does it know which pair went?
2. In an 11 table Mitchell movement, pairs after the original relay might be playing boards they played in the first round
Is it better to just stick with the 12 table movement and mark the boards to be played by the pair that has left as "did not play"?


  • Did the pair you lost play the first round? Which direction did they sit? Which pair was originally missing?

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    You probably want an 11 table Hesitation Mitchell, but may have to cancel one or two results from the first round and may need to renumber some boards.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. Are you saying that the pair numbers stay the same?

  • That depends on which pairs are involved, but as far as possible that would be the hope. One issue would be whether the original movement was set up as one-winner or two.

    I think you need to give us more detail. Is this an event that is still happening or are you asking for future similar eventualities? The answer is... it depends!

  • The event has completed now so we can't resolve that session. We need to know what to do in future.
    The question resolves down to what to do if you start with a movement then want to change to a movement which has fewer tables after you have played one round. There is the possibility that the pair numbers would change and how to handle that. Then if both movements are 2 winner ones and a relay is involved, either in the original movement or the replacement one, how to handle that.
    I know you suggested that some boards be renumbered (possibly nearly half?) but I do not think that is viable in our circumstances. A county director or one directing every week may be able to do that without delaying the session too much, but someone who directs once a month would find that difficult. Note the hand file must be removed from the Bridgemates and lead validation turned off too. It is important that the session is not delayed too long as people pay for local parking and have to leave at a specific time.

  • I'm afraid the answer is that there is no simple rule to cover all eventualities. It depends on the movement, which pair was originally missing and which pair subsequently left.

    If you started with a one-winner movement your options are more open because all pairs have unique numbers.

    It may be that the best thing is simply to start again, or run with two sitouts if they were in opposite directions.

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