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Legal 2C bid?

Hi all, I'm new on here, just doing my TD course now. Yesterday in a match there was a 2C opener, not alerted at all. This turned out to be x, AKQJTxxxx, Jx, x. The 2C apparently covers all strong hands, but does this qualify as a strong 2 opener? I thought a strong bid required outside values too. Thanks in advance


  • Welcome

    For regulations, 'strong' is a defined term - 16+ HCP or 13+ HCP in two suits of combined length 10+.

    This hand is not 'strong' - not enough HCP.

    The agreement to open 2C on all hands which they regards as strong but which could be 11HCP and (any) long suit is not a permitted agreement.

    Regardless, 2C is artificial (does not show clubs) and should be alerted.

  • Would it be legal to have an agreement that 2C is intermediate to strong, obviously alerted and advised as such when asked?

    I know that a lot of Benji players consider 2C to be 8 playing tricks in an unspecified suit - here, there are 9 playing tricks, so is "8+ playing tricks or strong balanced hand" a legal agreement for 2C?

  • Both of these are legal agreements

    • 2C = strong, or intermediate with clubs
    • 2C = strong, or intermediate with a long suit which is not clubs

    But this is not a legal agreement

    • 2C = strong, or intermediate with any long suit
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