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USEBIO Event Element and Child Elements Used by the EBU

I believe the EBU supports v1.2 of the USEBIO specification (please correct me if this is incorrect).

This specification defines many child elements of the Event element, but I believe the EBU USEBIO Server only makes use of a sub-set of these child elements.

I am interested to know which of the child elements (of the Event element) the EBU USEBIO Server handles.

Is there a document that defines this sub-set of child elements, and does it also define how they are used by the EBU USEBIO Server?

I am particularly interested to know whether a Scoring Program can define the 'Session Id' of an event by using 1 or more of the child elements of the Event element.

I am asking this question because my Scoring Program uploads Results to the EBU programmatically, using the EBU API defined by this website: https://www.ebu.co.uk/apidocs/ , and I would like to define the Session Id in the USEBIO file uploaded to the EBU.


  • Hi Tony

    The session ID is not known until the session is written to our database. The database engine assigns the ID. This is standard practice as it ensures that duplicate IDs are not possible. If your software needs to know the ID, the thing to do is to submit the session then read back the ID from the club's list of submitted sessions. See the API here: https://www.ebu.co.uk/apidocs/#get-list-of-a-club-county-39-s-sessions

  • Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Ok, so the Session Id is generated by the EBU's database engine and cannot be defined by the remote Scoring Program - correct?

    The Scoring Program can find the Session Id of any Upload it has submitted in the Http POST Response message sent by the EBU - correct? .

    Now, I'm not sure what the process is, if the club (or whoever) needs to re-submit the Result.
    Does it first need to delete the original Result using the API DELETE https://www.ebu.co.uk/members/api-3.1/session/{id}, and then resubmit the Result? Will this generate a different Session Id for the Result from the original one?

    Also wrt to SIMs, it seems that there is no programmatic way in which to associate a SIM Result with the National Result. It seems the process is: upload the SIM Result as normal. This will generate a Session Id which is not the National SIM Session Id. Then someone from the club has to manually log onto MyEBU using the club's id, select the Session that has just been uploaded, display it and then click on the check box at the bottom of the display to associate the uploaded session with the National SIM. I was very much hoping this could be done programmatically one way or another.

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    Hi Tony

    Yes, you should delete a session before uploading a new one and it will get a new session ID.

    I did email you about linking to a SIM result but perhaps it did not arrive? From that email:

    If you look at the JSON returned when a USEBIO file is submitted, it has an “accept” element which has the data for the session. If you add a “sim_pairs” field to this element with the value being the 6-digit ID for the SIM, the session will also be processed for the SIM. You need to look up this ID using the session-date API:


    If you look at the example a SIM ID is returned. If the ID is 000000 it is ignored.

    The API won’t know that the session is part of the SIM only that the club was registered for a SIM on that day. So the scorer should have an option whether or not to include the SIM, in the user interface for the scoring software.

    Alternatively do it via My EBU as you mention.


  • Hi Tim,
    Ok, I think I am with it now (hopefully !! - its been a few months since I looked in detail at the submission process).

    So after adding the player checksums to the JSON text returned in response to the USEBIO submission, I should also add a 'sim_pairs' sub-element ,containing the Session Id of the Nation SIMs event, to the 'accept' element .

    And then, low and behold, the submission will be incorporated into the Nation SIMs. Is this correct?

  • Yes, after you have checked that this session is indeed part of that SIM event.

  • Is there any way of testing this as the Test Club site, or do I have to try it 'live' so to speak

  • Unfortunately we don't have any test site for this.

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