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Downloading XML file

I have seen the thread for" failed to upload file due the dtd".

I have downloaded the xml file from the Bridgewebs site as an adjustment was needed on the file uploaded earlier today. The club computer uses EBUscore 1.2.17 and so do I. I don't have the club computer so thought I could change the two name s (long story) and one score that needed attantion. I changed the xml file to take out the "Director" part. However, I had a couple of problems after I imported the xml file onto my computer.

First we had a half table but for some reason when I tried to upload it on Bridgewebs the result included the missing pair (no names). When I tried to load it up to the EBU I was asked to resolve the two missing players that were the missing pair. The report <>ranks showed the missing pair number but just "&" where the names should be and the results were basically "0" but the "Max " column shows 100 ( the other pairs had over 200; we had to take away some boards in the last round due to time constraints).There was also a bit of a problem getting the names changed (which was what I needed to do).
I have "slogged" through and prepared an event on my computer to give correct names and scores but without the contracts or lead card. So it is on Bridgewebs and has been submitted on EBU so that isn't a problem. I just wondered if there is a known problem with missing pairs and a "fix"
.Many thanks


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    You could try importing the original XML file into BBOtoXML. If it shows the missing pair you should be able to delete it on the BBOtoXML import screen, then save as a CSV, go back to the main screen and create a new XML from the saved CSV. Deleting the pair also deletes any results attributed to them. You can also make adjustments to scores as required

  • Thank you, Mr "Life Saver". Will give it a go later today. Sorry my OP was a bit of a ramble but had tried several things without success and was begining to regret finding anything wrong!
    Many thanks

  • Cracking! worked like a charm.
    Best wishes

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