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NGS Grading a Three Team Event

Does a 3 team event get graded given there is only a single comparison (with teammates) so the whole team ends with the same Total Ximp score ?


  • On page 7 of the full NGS guide

    Currently, the NGS includes:

    • Teams league events where boards are played at more than two tables

    In the NGS guide, events where boards are only played twice (one comparison) are excluded.

  • Thanks - It was a Multiple Teams and that seemed explicit for Teams league events. Perhaps the two table restriction needs adding to the previous line on Multiple Teams for clarification...

    Currently, the NGS includes:

    • Multiple Teams and Swiss Teams with IMP scoring (whether or not the IMPs are converted to VPs)

  • There has been a suggestion raised periodically that the NGS should grade all submitted games, including head-to-head teams. It has been said that those who play in the final of Crockfords have to win lots of matches to get there, none of which are graded, at which point all their matches are graded and inevitably reduce the NGS of half of the pairs playing there.

    Some of those who have been involved in the NGS system have though it would be reasonable and logical to do this by simply using half the raw IMP score for the match.

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