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Is it possible to combine the results of a live game scored on EBU Score with results of the game played on BBO with the same boards? Just as if there were two sections in a game?


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    Yes it is. The procedure is:

    1. Use BBO Extractor chrome extension to extract the BBO session results into a CSV file.
    2. Export the face to face session from EBUScore as an XML file
    3. Merge the two events in BBOtoXML
    4. Save the merged event as a CSV
    5. Return to the main screen of BBOtoXML and convert the new CSV file to an XML file

    Because the EBUScore XML file does not contain hand records BBOtoXML will ask you whether you are merging sections or two separate sessions. Click OK in response to the question.There is more information on BBO Extractor/BBOtoXML at https://mirgo2.co.uk/bboextractor/

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    Thanks. I marked up the number list.

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