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Bridgemate Units

Further to the Bridgemate Server question we have had a problem with one bridgemate unit.
The user had difficulty getting info into the unit (had to press hard on the keys) and then had a "Failed to send, re-try" message. None of the other Bridgemate units had a problem. I tried to change the unit but for some reason the new unit didn't take over the old data. So I did a "close rounds" and then the new unit operated correctly and the following scores were entered on EBUScore with no problems. After the session I tried several times to replicate the problem but the unit operated correctly.
Since that session another unit has "Failed to send" and been replaced. One unit has failed all together, as if the batteries have given up and the screen went blank. I haven't had a chance to replicate the problem.

Just wondered if anyone else had come across these problems and if so, what did you do?


  • They do sound like battery problems, but since you have mentioned that you presumably checked?

  • Hi Gordon

    Well, checked as best I can. The bridgemates register that the batteries are "full" apart for two that are about a third full. However, given the server problem and the fact that I don't know when the batteries were purchased or replaced in the units, I did wonder whether they were "faulty" in some way. Two of the units replaced were registering full batteries.
    Will have to go back to someone in the club and find out about the batteries.

    We were looking at three options.
    1) replace batteries (but that didn't look right given the power the units were returning)
    2) refurbish the units
    3) replace everything with either new bridgemates or a new system.

    Thanks for your thoughts, as always

  • I would certainly start by replacing batteries as the cheapest and quickest first step.

  • Ok replaced batteries and had a session with no problems. Have another tomorrow and will see what happenes then.

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