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Csv or xml

Good morning all,
Having scored a session with bridgemates, subsequently uploading a session to Bridgewebs, from our ebu pairscorer, we can select Xml or csv, XML is the default now I am aware (and what I have used for years).
A summary of why one should prefer Xml to csv would be much appreciated. Please. Backwards compatibility will never be an issue for our club, we just wish to follow best practise and understand why.
Thank you.


  • Its for the future expansion of Bridgewebs (and Ecats, Pianola). CSV is a proprietary format specific to Bridgewebs users. XML is a universal bridge standard for bridge information transfer. Currently, you need XML for Teams XImps upload to Bridgewebs (as there is nothing in CSV to indicate seating positions). In addition, usebio version 4 XML has many extra details for the ACBL market which they load on Bridgewebs sites and these will never be part of CSV files. It also allows files exported from Bridgewebs to be decoded using standard XML utilities whereas you would need to write special csv interpreters. Note also it is now used by Ecats for the simul pairs etc Previously they used this c,p,r,e.txt files which again was proprietary to Ecats and needed special encode/decoderd with limited chance of expansion. In short - for the future!

  • That's perfect for my needs. Thank you very much for the help. 👍
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