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Error importing XML event file - DTD file needs internet connection

In the past I have been able to correct any scoring errors at home by recovering the Bridgewebs CSV file and importing it into EBUScore on my home PC. However the default upload file format from EBUScore to Bridgewebs has changed from CSV to XML. When I tried to Recover the XML file from Bridgewebs and import it into my home EBUScore system, the import failed with an error telling me that the DTD file import needed internet access….. I don’t have the exact message to hand at the moment.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

If I can’t successfully import the file I will have to wait until our next club session to correct the scores and revert to uploading a CSV file in future.

Harry Figov


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    Was the XML file originally created by EBUScore? You would get this error with an XML file created by BBO Extractor, for example, but the ones generated by EBUScore should be OK. If you email the file to me I can take a look? tim at ebu.co.uk.

    The other obvious question is whether the EBUScore versions are the same.

  • We use Bridgemates with EBUScore and create the XML file from the Reports option in EBUScore. We're using the latest version of EBUScore on both the club laptop and on my home PC.

    I'll email you the XML file.

    Thanks for your help, Tim!


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    Hi again

    When EBUScore creates the XML for Bridgewebs it includes a DIRECTOR element which is not part of the USEBIO 1.2 spec. EBUScore then cannot import that XML file. If you manually delete the line then it imports OK, at least this one did! In Windows, you can use Notepad to open the XML file and edit it.


  • Thanks Tim. That worked.


  • That's right and unfortunate. For future flexibility and other good reasons, the XML file upload is preferable to the csv file. With the latest EBU ClubPairs, in the Import command, I check if the DIRECTOR element is present and delete it before the Import. It may be helpful if Jonathan did a similar update in EBUScorePairs.

  • Alternatively, the Usebio v1.2 dtd held in the EBU filestore could be simply updated to allow for the DIRECTOR element? Access to the DTD file (used to process the xml) is held in EBU filestore and does indeed need access via the internet. You could download the file and store locally (scorebridge does that), but the internet access ensures there is only one master copy at any time.

  • Thanks Jeffrey. I think it would be better to hack the import than to have something in the DTD that isn't in the spec.

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