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Format of EBUScore Player Files

My scoring program can read and convert ScoreBridge Player files.

I wish to add the ability to read and convert EBUScore Player files to the program.

Can anyone tell me the format of the EBUScore Player files, or send me an example of one, so that I can reverse engineer it.

Many thanks



  • They can be exported as csv files. Do you want something other than that?

  • I think we are talking at cross purposes here, Gordon.

    I don't have EBUScore installed on my PC and so I don't know the format in which its Player records are kept, what fields are in each record, what order they are in, how they are separated.

    The information I am looking for is something like this. In each record:-
    Field 1: Forename as string,
    Field 2: Surname as string,
    Field 3: EBU Number as string or Integer,
    etc etc.
    and how the fields are separated: by a comma or some other method.

    Better still would be an example EBUScore file with a few records of fictitious players such as Joe Bloggs, Tom Jones and Harry Smith. I would only need 4 or 5 records in such a file.

    Once I have this info, I can read the EBUScore Player file and write software to convert it. I don't care whether it's a CSV file, text file or in some other format.

    If I had EBUScore on my PC I could create a dummy Player file and then analyse it. I believe it costs £50 to get a license for a non-affiliated club - but I'm only a Club Member, not a Club, so I can't get it for free. I'll pay the £50 if I have to.

  • Hi Tony,

    I'll contact you directly on Monday and I can provide the information you need.


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