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pbn file usage

Help please.
When we score a session we upload a pbn file into the ebu pairs scorer software and then after the session it all goes to Bridgewebs.
Is there a way I can "ask" Bridgemates the name of the pbn file used without logging on as web master please?
I've had a good look , but cannot see anywhere obvious.
Thank you for any help. :-)


  • To clarify a bit further. I keep the pbn files in a dropbox, so I want to delete the pbn files that have been used, time goes by. They accumulate.

  • Hi randhl2
    To obtain the pbn file name from Bridgewebs go to the results page select the session/event you want to check and then select "Hands" which is above the ranks of participants on the right side next to "Travellers".
    You now get presented with ways to display the hands. I suggest selecting item 10 to have the hands e-mailed to you and then check the e-mail and the attached file for the full name of the pbn file.

    On another point how do you generate your files? We use BOS with the "Duplimate" machine. When we create a pbn file we name it for the day the it should be used. So if we are playing every thursday then we produce pbn files in advance and name them as follows. If we are using them for Thursday 4th August 2023 then the file name is 2023-08-04. For 11th August 2023 the name is 2023-08-11. If you have two events on the same day then you can just add (say) Am and PM so 2023-08-11AM or 2023-08-11PM. You can't use the "Slash" "/" as this will not be accepted. This format makes it easy to find the correct file when loading up to EBUScore (from Bos/events) and it makes it easy to delete the files when things settle down.

    Also note that if you have access to the club EBUScore and have followed Robins excellent instructions for EBUScore at http://www.ebu.co.uk/documents/ebuscore/manual.pdf page 31 you can look at the same page to confirm the pbn file.

    Hope this helps

  • Many thanks for the explanation. We'll perhaps need to review our naming process! .
    We have four silver cases containing sets of boards.
    We use bos. We name the pbn by colour suffixed by the date they were created.. A print out of the hands is put in with the set. Then whichever case is picked up we check the print on the screen (hand one north) to validate. The print is moved out of the case for the director and not put back. That way we know that set has been used. So red2307 would be the red boards generated on the 23rd of July. The used case and contents is taken to the home of the dealer ready to redeal.
    I don't have the club laptop at home. So the scoring records are unattainable by me other than looking at Bridgewebs. I'll look at the page 31 to learn more.
    Many thanks once more CMOT_Dibbler :-)

  • I tried the email option, but actually it seemed to rename the pbn which was sent out in some sort of bridge webs naming format.
    This is not a deal breaker anyhow (really! 😁) , but I only mention it because it didn't seem to fit in with what was written.
    I appreciate it is an odd problem and a workable solution has been kindly offered.
    The thing is.. I control the Dropbox and the scoring computer does not reside at my house. So it is a peculiar situation and trivial in the scheme of things. Thank you for the advice to date anyhow.

  • There are two possible ways of getting at the .pbn which has been uploaded to Bridgewebs.
    Firstly if you log in as administrator and llook at the event under the 'Calendar' tab and go down to the hands section you should see a file name.
    Secondly if you log into 'Results Administration. you will see a tab entitled 'Recover' and this will enable you to download the .pbm file which was uploaded.

  • Hi randhl2
    My appologies. I have just checked and whether the result is uploaded as a xml file or a csv file it appears that bridgewebs changes the pbn file name to the "event" name (as uploaded by EBUScore or even Scorebridge) plus "-1.pbn or just ".pbn"". Not sure what happens if the pbn file is uploaded to Bridgewebs after the xml or csv file have been uploaded direct from EBUScore.
    So if you have files named "silver2307" or similar, then I think you may have to find out which pbn files haven't been used and then delete the others.
    Or if you change to naming the files for the date they should be used then you can then delete the dropbox files once you are a few days/weeks further on.
    Hope this helps

  • Much appreciated. Thank you for the follow up. It is a bit of an unusual scenario and I can resolve it by logging into the Bridgewebs site I know, I was lazily after a quick fix, it is certainly not that important in the scheme of things. All the help has been great. Thanks again. 👍

  • Thank you too Paul_Gibbons 👍

  • We have a few too many cases of scores entered incorrectly (wrong declarer, wrong board number, etc). To mitigate this we are considering loading the pbns into EBUscore and checking the opening leads as entered on Bridgemates.

    Worth the effort? Security issues (we want as few copies of pbns floating around as possible)?

  • This thread does sound like it could be a useful article in the ebu magazine? Recommended good practise (etc) my experience is that north and East can be a bit lazy about doing the scoring properly (sometimes) not with malicious intent, just a mix of not understanding and apathy. Perhaps it's been done (article written) in which case, please enlighten thread readers. Thank you!

  • Graham C - I would highly recommend uploading the pbn file to Bridgemates. Not only does it prevent errors (wrong board/wrong polarity), but it also gives players the chance to see the double dummy analysis after the hand has been played.
    I cannot see what security issues would be caused by uploading the .pbn file to your scoring/directing computer as I would imagine it is only used by directors. We have certainly never had any security issues with it, and we have been uploading the .pbn to bridgemates for about 5 years now.

  • OK - thanks, seems like a good idea. But not sure I'd want to encourage double dummy analysis as we also have a problem with slow play. Some like to play hands; others like to talk about them.

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