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Years ago, there was a folder called c:~EBUScore~mdbfiles and in here one could find the mdb file with all the members in , is that no longer created? [note I could not type a backslash for some reason!]
if someone turns up to play [at an ebu affiliated club] who does not know their ebu number is there a quick and easy way to find it please? It can be done using the scoring software, but it is not very slick, unless I am missing something?
any advice please?
Thank You. :-)


  • Hi,

    There is a file at: C:\temp called cn_r6eqzmi0zq.csv which contains the EBU numbers for all players.

    If the player is playing in a duplicate then in EBUScore go to Player Names and click Update Player or Add Visitors and can find the EBU number that way.


  • I am both most grateful and slow checking. I shall investigate that csv file hopefully quicker. Many thanks of course.

  • Tried, tested. Perfect. Thank you.

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