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Data storage

I'm looking to use Cloud storage for all our Club's data. Meeting minutes, teaching materials, finances, directors guides, etc, etc.
Different sets of data to be accessible to different classes of user.
I know that Dropbox would cover this, but has anybody used other platforms, eg Google Drive or One Drive.
Any advice on which is best?


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    We used to use Google Drive for EBU competitions but it got a bit confusing with the number of TDs who had their own Google Drives, so when we reached the point where we were going to have to pay for it we moved over to Sync.com and have been very happy with them.

    From our perspective, one of the advantages of having things in the cloud is that we can run events from the data there, which means another TD can access the data, either to resolve problems or to deal with post-event tidying up, and in the unhappy situation where a laptop dies or gets stolen, the event can continue to be run.

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