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Teams of 4 IMPS or IMPS THEN VP

Every month our club plays teams. This happens when there is an even number of pairs. We have a draw to assign team mates. Score using EBU Score Teams.
The last event was 7 tables, so effectively 6 x 4 board matches.
My question is should we just use the IMPs score,or should we choose IMPs then VPs? The last event would have produced a different winner. Is there an official EBU directive?


  • "The use of VPs in matches of fewer than 5 boards is not recommended" - White Book 3.1.1

    There is an alternative suggestion should you prefer, which is to limit the IMPs for a team that wins a match.

    When I run Multiple Teams events at my club, I don't convert to VPs, even if matches are 5 or 6 boards

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • SK. Perfect response. Many thanks.
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