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I've lost the "Set BCS Options" button on EBUScore Pairs 1.2.6 after installing BOS

  • Hi, our club had recently set up and used TabScore for wireless scoring successfully using EBUScore Pairs 1.26 for the last few weeks. As part of this I was able to see and utilise the "Set BCS Options" button at the bottom left-hand side of the wireless scoring screen - immediately to the left of the "Create Database" button.

  • Then we purchased a Duplimate machine and installed the accompanying BOS software. This also installed PairScore within the BOS directory. We then launched scoring from the BOS screen - which is probably where we went wrong?

  • Since then I've lost the "Set BCS Options" button in EBUScore and it doesn't appear in PairScore. With help from Duplimate support, we've tried uninstalling both BOS and EBUScore and wiping the installation folders, separately installing EBUScore and then BOS (without PairScore), with reboots etc. And nothing seems to bring the button back.

  • The EBUScore settings (e.g. club id, password, wireless scoring options etc) are preserved through uninstalls, deletes and reboots. so I suspect that some setting has been made after the BOS installation that isn't being reset.

  • Has anyone come across this issue before, or knows how to recover the button?

Many thanks in advance


  • Are you sure you have used the option "Bridgemates" rather than "BridgeTabs" on the main results screen under Table Top Units and that the database is pointing to EBU score etc

  • Hi Martin,

    Just to clarify from previous post - on the screen shown what is in the highlighted yellow circle? Does it say Bridgemate or TabScore or something else? If Bridgemate or TabScore is selected then the Set BCS Options button should be visible.

    Please feel free to give me a call (01296 317206) if you still have issues.


  • Triffid & Jonathan,

    Thank you both. That was exactly the issue! Although the admin tab was correctly set to use TabScore, the installation of BOS had somehow unset the Table Top Unit and I hadn't spotted it.

    Many thanks

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