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teams of 8 and 12

I may be directing a competition where the format seems to be

'A' event: two teams of 8 playing 32 boards
'B' event: two teams of 12 playing (presumably) 32 boards.

How would I configure this on EBUScore?


  • It will depend on the form of scoring, but if you are trying to do it simply all in one event I think you would need to treat it as five teams of four playing head to heads and then manually combine the results afterwards. This would remove the ability of them to play lots of their opponents

    Otherwise you could set up the A event as a teams of eight and keep one team stationary at 1NS, 2EW, 3NS, 4EW, while their opponents moved clockwise after every eight boards, alternating direction.

    You could do something similar for the B event but move after every 5 or 6 boards, though I think you would once again need to do some manual combining of scores at the end.

  • Is the teams of 12 the SBU/NE event which has been looking for add-then-imp modified imp scale? If it is add-then-modified-imp you will need to do some post-processing. You may want to score the event as agreegate in EBUScore.

    Not clear from the OP, but I think you should expect to need two computers and two bridgemate servers.

  • The movement for 8 pairs is already in EBUScore (just have to make sure I change the scoring to : teams of 8: modified IMPS)

    I think I have it sussed if we only play four rounds (for synch with the teams of 8). It means of course that each pair will not play two pairs. If team 1 is 1-3 and team 2 is 4-6 Then (Team 1 being stationary)

    14... 41 ..... 25....52.....36....63
    14....41...... 25....52.....36....63
    15....51...... 26....62.....34... 43
    15....51...... 26....62.... 34....43

    (And of course the missing 2 sets can be added if needed)

    I agree that we would have to divide the aggregate scores by 1.732 to get the actual scores for imping.

    I assume this can be section B - with the teams of 8 as Section A.

  • edited June 2023

    I have sent a modified-imps-for-teams-of-twelve to Paul Gipson, see another discussion.

    For teams of eight there is a team-of-eight scoreing method to do add-then-modified-IMP using the scale in the white book. Teams-of-eight scoring in EBUScore Teams requires two sections,

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