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Can one use Bridgepal system with EBU Score instead of Bridgemates. If so how? My version of EBU Score only shows connection with BCS.


  • The more recent versions of EBUScore include BridgePal as one the options in the "Table Top Unit" dropdown list. If BridgePal is not shown in your version of EBUScore you can still use BridgePal if you select Bridgemate as the table top unit.

    In either case you must configure the paths to the BridgePal Server and the BMPlayerDB.mdb database (if you are using it). This is done on the Admin tab of the "BridgePal Scoring" (or "Bridgemate Scoring") screen. For more details on this see section 1 of the BridgePal/EBUScore Guide, accessed via the Documents menu of our BridgePal website at http://bridgepal.co.uk

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