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New EBUClubPairs Scorer

EBUScore was designed to handle large and complex events run by EBU and at National and County level, but it was also recognised that some of the complexity was less clear or suitable for the inexperienced TD running small simpler regular events at clubs.

EBUClubPairs is a simplified version of EBUScorePairs available for download from your EBU account.
The program has been in use for a while at my local bridge club without any problem.
Although it supports most of the same functionality, many buttons/options/tabs on the forms and menus have been reduced to make it easier for regular weekly club usage

You are welcome to try EBUClubPairs and any feedback, comments would be welcome.

Although usage is similar to EBUScore, there is some basic documentation/instruction also available which can be supplied on request.

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