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Our club is looking at a replacement dealing machine and have seen info on Jannersten's Duplimate Mark 6 and Jannersten's Bridgesorter Mark 4.

Apparently PlayBridge used to have one called Dealer4 but I can't find any recent info on it.
Does anyone have any recommendations about these machines?
Is the board recognition reliable?

Thank you for your help


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    Hi Shiona,
    I cannot believe it, but according to my record we bought our Dealer4 dealing machine 16 years ago for use in Chislehurst Bridge Club. Since then it has been serviced only once and it is still working beautifully. It reads ordinary cards as well as bar coded ones. Back then we bought it from Terry Collier. I can see it is advertised on A L Fleming website https://www.alfleming.co.uk/dealing-machine. After Chislehurst BC a few other local clubs bought it. I still remember as we were one of the first clubs in the country to own this machine, its designer Chris Szarek visited us from Australia. He picked up the machine by the rubber roller axle and swung it around just to show how robust it is. Of course the machine survived but I didn't let him or anybody else try this trick again !
    Hope this helps.

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