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problem on home page of scorebridge

On the home page there is a list of 15 selected members, although we have 46 members and our secretary produces a list of members with telephone numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses which is sent to all members. I cannot remove this list from my home page which confuses members. The scorebridge helpline doesn't seem to know the answer and have referred me to BridgeWebs. Can you tell me how to resolve the problem. You can look up my home page on 2220 bridge club to see what the problem is.


  • I've had a look but I can't quite see what the problem is. I can't see a list of members (which in any case would need to be carefully used to avoid falling foul of data protection legislation). I'm also not sure what the reference is to Scorebridge, since they don't provide the website. Can you put a link to the page that concerns you, so that we can try to help?

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    Hi Jeffrey do you mean this page? https://bridgewebs.com/cgi-bin/bwoq/bw.cgi?club=2220&pid=display_home/ - this is not showing any list of members as far as I can see, other than via results or competitions. If it is a logged-in page for members, we don't have any sight of that.

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