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Some myths debunked, relating to RealBridge

Cannot revoke on RealBridge
It is true that a player cannot revoke. Nobody wants that.
But it is possible to load a "PBN file with Play" with a revoke, and use this for teaching purposes. So, if running a course on the craft of TD work, then it is possible to revoke on RealBridge, and demonstrate the scenario.

Cannot make insufficient bids
Again, a player can't make an insufficient bid, but for training purposes you can load a "PBN with play" that includes an insufficient bid.

Almost all iPads can be used on RealBridge. The only requirement is that the iPad's year of manufacture is later than Jan 2016. That is because in 2015 or earlier Apple did not support the technology that we use.
There is no need at all to spend a lot of money to buy a new iPad. We have several that we purchased second-hand for our test lab, dating from 5 years ago or more. If you have an oldish iPad and you're not sure if it's usable with RealBridge, ask us!
If you are buying an iPad, second-hand prices for iPads are from about £120. (As an aside, another great buy was a Chromebook for £50.)

RealBridge's prices have changed.
We were astonished to hear this. They have never changed (except that in early 2021 we were legally obliged to start adding VAT). We were horrified to hear that a prominent person said this. Please always ask us. We have telephone support, no music!

Must use Chrome
This is untrue. You can use any modern browser on any platform. We test using: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Brave, Opera on all the main platforms.

Lenovos don't work on RealBridge
This is untrue. We test using 2 Lenovo laptops, different models. There are some Lenovos that need a settings change in order to get around a bug in Chrome and Edge, but it's straightforward to do this, and we are happy to help.

You have to buy an expensive webcam
No you don't. If you're using a computer that doesn't have a built-in camera, you can buy a webcam with microphone for less than £10.

If there is anything else that you would like to know about RealBridge, please feel free to ask us. We want to dispel myths and set the record straight, and we positively like receiving phone calls.

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